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Scala Dei Heretge


Our Scala Dei cellar is possible since its re-foundation in 1973 on 3 pillars: the height, the soil and the Grenache. However, the cellar is also nourished by old Carinyenes, planted at the beginning of the 20th century on slate, the coastal. Scala Dei Heretge pays homage to the winegrowers committed to Priorat since its viticulture techniques go back to our mid-century past. A heroic mountainous viticulture.

94 points
93 points
All awards

Technical data

Varieties: 100% black carinyena
Alcohol content: 14.5% Vol.
Total tartaric acid: 5.7 g / l
Ph: 3,4
Contains sulphites



This wine comes from four different shores, all planted between the Vilella Alta and Torroja just behind the phylloxera. Therefore, the ages of the plants oscillate from 80 to those which are 117 years old. The predominant orientation is northern, but for one of the vineyards, which has a part that is angled to the south. This coastal is a jewel for the plants there, as well as a testimony to the popular architecture of its dry stone construction, since there are different constructions of use, water, space, roads and walls…


The elaboration of the wine is similar to the one which is made at Scala Dei Cellars with the Garnacha of historical vineyards. Basically, the main target is not to intervene so as to enable the wine itself express the peculiarity of the terroir which the Priorat slate wines have. Thus, the fermentation takes place in open cement deposits, alternating reassemblies and over-pumping based on a daily tasting. It must be fermented with 30% of the rape, which corresponds to thirty percent of each of the three coastals, which has to be harvested with the total maturity of the rape. It is then in contact during 30 days with the skins from the crushed peels until the pressing is due. On the other hand, the fermentation takes place with native yeasts.


Robert Parker 2018: 94 points
Guía Peñín 2019: 93 points
James Suckling 2018: 93 points
2019 wine yearbook: 94 points
Andreas Larsson 2018: 91 points

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