Scala Dei Negre

The vines on steep slopes, the slate “llicorella” soil, the dry climate. The red wine. The Scala Dei Negre.

Technical data

Varieties: Grenache, Carinyena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirà
Alcohol content: 14.5% Vol.
Total tartaric acid: 5.3 g / l
Ph: 3.6

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This wine is mainly derived from vineyards with vines between 15 and 25 years old planted in terraces where a specific winemaking method is used to obtain a grape with the features of this wine: grapes with a high acidity, a concentration of fresh fruit avoiding its over-maturation and an alive tannin, though mature. In particular, the grape for this wine always reaches the selection table under extraordinary conditions, as it is indeed perceived in the wine year after year.


The fermentation of the Scala Dei Negre is done in small open vats for up to 7000 kg with grapes that are selected one by one, with the same level of ripeness. Instead of using commercial yeasts, we opt for local, natural yeasts so as to achieve a greater typicity.  Once the fermentation is completed, and after a tasting, the process continues with the pressing, which depends on the vineyard where the grapes come from. The contact time between the skins and the most-wine can vary between 12 and 16 days. As soon as it is finished, the wine is kept in stainless steel tanks for six to eight months, until it is finally bottled.


Sensory features

Intense red, with bluish hints that denotes vividness. Aromas of ripe red fruits, but at the same time fresh and attractive. In the mouth it is a round and full wine, with frank memories of the fruit found in the nose and with the typical minerality of the slate soils of the Priorat