Scala Dei Sant Antoni


Scala Dei Sant Antoni


Sant Antoni is a wine of one vine, one of the oldest vineyards of Priorat; these vineyards are known to hold Grenache grapes for at least 350 years. With it, we have recovered an elaborated heritage that had almost disappeared in Priorat, which consists of using the breed at its 100% and making the wine in clover cans as it was done in the past by the Carthusian monks until the very end of the 70’s, in the 20th century. It is one of the wines aimed at showing the particular nuances of clay and soil Priorat.

95 points
95 points
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Technical data

Varieties: 100% Grenache
Alcohol content: 14.5% Vol.
Total tartaric acid: 5.3 g / l
Ph: 3.5
Contains sulphites



Sant Antoni de Montalt is a vineyard located above the Cartuja of Scala Dei, in a small flat plan that meets an impressive cliff over the Monastery, with completely clay soil, it has an amphitheatre shape with a part angled to the East, another to the West, while its central part is oriented to the South; it is 580 meters high in its lowest part and goes up to 650m in its highest one. It is one of the vineyards that the monks had planted with Grenache, back in centuries, but the plants we find nowadays were replanted in 1973 and we can find at least two types of Grenache: the country and the hairy ones.


With this wine we wanted to recover an elaboration heritage from Priorat and that takes us back to the first bottled wines of Scala Dei’s Cellars. So, after considering how those bottles of the 70s had been elaborated, we have vinified Sant Antoni. The harvest takes place during the first week of October, in small boxes, with the entire rape during its fermentation, but with sliced ​​grapes. It is then fermented in a small 3500-liter cement tank, imitating the temperature peaks of fermentation of the Carthusian monks, without adding any yeast. Afterwards, it is pressed in the same cement tank. The aging lasts 16 months, and it is proceeded in a 1300 liters foudre.


Robert Parker 2016: 94 points
Robert Parker 2017: 95 points
Robert Parker 2018: 95 points
Guía Peñin 2017: 95 points
Guía Peñín 2018: 95 points
Guide to Catalonia wines 2017: 9.77 points
Guide to the wines of Catalonia 2018: 9.72 points
Wine & Spirits 2018: 95 points
Proensa Guide 2017: 93 points
Andreas Larsson 2018: 92 points
2018 Wine Yearbook: 91 points

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