Scala Dei Vi Ranci – Solera Estàtica 1982


This wine shows us one of the traditions that has been hidden in Catalonia for many years, Ranci (oxidised) Wine, also known as “good wine” or “digestive wine”.
For this first edition there are only 594 bottles of 0.5l available exclusively on-line or in the winery shop.
From a Solera System of 33 old 300 litre barrels we took 9 litres of wine from each, the first barrel in the system will be used to refill the others and a new wine will start its ageing in that barrel. This way we keep the Solera intact.



Vi Ranci produced from overripe Red Grenache


After making the 100% Grenache wine it was passed into 300 litre barrels to undergo an oxidative ageing which also serves to concentrate the alcohol in the wine.

The Solera has never been refilled, staying static since 1982, giving us a wine that for over 30 years has been growing into a great Priorat Vi Ranci.

Tasting Notes

Very fine, fresh and profound with notes of toasted hazelnuts and almonds, sweet aromas but with a dry mouthfeel. Perfect with desserts or as an aperitif.



95 punts

94 punts